Decrease the downtime of your Sideloaders by allowing Valmar to service and maintain your fleet.  Our expertise in this area is well renowned and we believe unrivalled.  Valmars extensive experience in the Sideloader market means we can support not only the excellent new Valmar Rhino product range but also all other makes and models of Sideloaders and Forklifts

Even though it is probably not at the top of your to-do list, regular maintenance can surely help you minimise the maintenance costs.

The surest way of keeping your sideloader in a good condition is by having it serviced regularly. Otherwise, it is hard to predict when it can let you down, and it could be a safety risk

Another benefit of regular servicing and maintenance is that it extends the lifespan of your Sideloader too.

Valmar Engineers carry an extensive parts stock in their customised service vehicles in order to be able to provide a first time fix on most occasions.  Truck servicing is effected speedily and economically through the use of a compressor driven oil extraction and delivery system incorporated into each Valmar Engineers vehicle.  Waste oil is safely stored and removed from site to our waste oil collection point to ensure minimal environmental impact.

Valmars Truck Maintenance Planning and Reporting System ensures that all truck servicing is undertaken at the required intervals and that all maintenance activity is logged analytically to identify any adverse trends that can then be resolved quickly to ensure truck uptime performance is maximised.